Water Separators

High quality filtration product for compressed air systems.

Oil Coalescing Filters

Non-wicking drain layer to separate oil and water from air flow.

Activated Carbon Filters

Removes oil vapor down to .003 ppm, eliminating odor and taste from air.

Filter Lubricator

Package #1: Includes (1) Water Separator and (1) Lubricator.

Filter Regulator Lubricator

Package #2: Includes (1) Water separator, (1) Regulator and (1) Lubricator.

2-Stage Filtration Package

Package #3: Includes (1) Water separator and (1) Oil coalescing filter.

2-Stage Filter Package with Regulator

Package #4: Includes (1) Water separator, (1) Oil coalescing filter and (1) Regulator.

3-Stage Filtration Package

Package #5: (1) Water separator, (1) Oil coalescing filter and (1) Activated carbon filter.

3-Stage Filter Package with Regulator

Package #6: (1) Water separator, (1) Oil coalescing filter, (1) Activated carbon filter, (1) Regulator.

Oil Coalescing Filter-Regulator

Package #7: Includes (1) Oil coalescing filter and (1) Regulator.

Water Separator with Regulator

Package #8: Includes (1) Water separator and (1) Regulator.

Ultra Series Dryers Wall Mounted

Compressed air regenerative dryers with pre-filters, PLC, and automatic drains.

Ultra Series Dryers Tank Mounted

Compressed air regenerative dryer mounted on an 80 gallon tank for storing ultra dry air.

Ultra Series Dryers Rail Mounted

Built to withstand the largest surges of contamination.

Pure 10 Series Wall Mounted

Same performance as the Ultra Series at a reduced cost.

Pure 10 Series Tank Mounted

Increase shop capacity with the Pure 10 Tank Mounted Series.

Tsunami Rove

The same high quality compressed air dryer with ultimate mobility.

Pure 5 Series Dryer Wall Mounted

Small but mighty, this economical dryer provides dry, clean air at the point of use.

Pure 5 Series Dryer Tank Mounted

The best-dang-point-of-use wonder dryer for paint booths and professional coatings.

Portable Pure-5T

The same dry, clean air provided by Tsunami is now portable!

2-Stage Membrane Air Dryers

Includes a water separator, oil coalescing filter, and membrane air dryer.

Breathing Air Systems

Single- or multi-user breathing air systems with Tsunami 3-stage filtration and CO monitoring.

Moisture Minder Electronic Drain Valve

Built-in ball valve can be opened to remove contaminants trapped by the screen integrated into the housing.

Moisture Minder Pneumatic Drain Valve

Operates using intermittent pilot signal and functions without causing pressure drop.

Moisture Minder Filter Drain Valve

Designed to spin on the corresponding size Tsunami filter housing.

Drain Minder II Controller

Maximize your air system's efficiency.

Float Drain Replacement Pack

Includes 3 float drains & O-rings for replacement on Tsunami filters.

Ultra-Flo Spray Hose

Proprietary internal lining will not break down from heat exposure.

Air Monitoring Equipment

Featuring the Tsunami Air Survey Kit and the Tsunami CFM Test Kit

High Flow Couplers

Prevost high flow hose couplers with 1/4" NPT female or male thread.

High Flow Plugs

Prevost high flow hose plugs with 1/4" NPT male or female thread.

Blow Guns

10 pack Prevost nylon tip, OSHA compliant blow guns.

Filter Regulator Lubricators

Regulators, Lubricators, and Filter-Regulator-Lubricator packages.

Industrial Grade Utility Station

Designed to keep your work area organized; electrical and air connection in a central location.

Drain Spare Parts

Accessories and spare parts for Tsunami drains

Air Dryer Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts for Tsunami Regenerative and Membrane Dryers

Filter Spare Parts

Replacement elements and spare parts for Tsunami filters.

Breathing Air Accessories

Tsunami Breathing Air Systems Respiratory Equipment and Accessories 

3-Stage Membrane Air Dryer

Includes water separator, oil coalescing filter, activated carbon filter, and a membrane dryer.

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