The desiccant pots you never have to change.

Tsunami Regenerative Dryers combine the latest in simplicity and innovation. Two towers attached to an anodized housing use a pilot signal to cycle the air between towers during operation. It’s like replacing the desiccant every two minutes.

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How Regenerative Dryers Work
The Drying Process

Pre-filtered air enters the dryer and is channeled through the desiccant towers. As wet air passes through, the desiccant draws in water vapor and the now dry air continues downstream. After two minutes, a control timer sends a pilot signal shifting the internal piston. When the piston shifts, air is redirected from this tower to the opposite.

The Regeneration Process

A small amount of air from the dry outlet on the opposite tower percolates up through the regeneration orifice and back through the desiccant filled tower. The desiccant is dried as the sweep air passes back through the media. With the use of this air, the tower discharges water vapor through the mufflers located below the dryer manifolds. After two minutes, the pilot signal is sent and the flow is reversed back to the other tower.

Comparative technologies

When determining the best option for your air system or pneumatic equipment, it is important to understand how different air-drying technologies can perform across various applications. Comparative dryers such as desiccant pots or refrigerant dryers show promising results, but fail when faced against fluctuations in air demand and/or longer operating times. In desiccant pots, the media will reach a point of saturation where it can no longer remove the water vapor and the beads must be replaced. Refrigerant dryers fail when a sudden spike in demand increase the velocity of the air moving through the system; not providing adequate time for the air to effectively cool. Tsunami Regenerative Dryers use multiple canisters of desiccant that regenerate using sweep air and perform consistently despite ambient temperatures. This means consistently clean, dry air for the entire system.

Tsunami Compressed Air SOLUTIONS


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Economical Point-of-Use Dryer

Small but mighty, the Tsunami Pure-5T provides clean, dry air at the point of use. The Pure-5T comes with a 1-gallon storage tank to mximize laminar air flow.

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For the Entire Shop

Tsunami Ultra Series Dryers are the biggest, best, all-in-one-bang-for-your-buck dryers in the lineup. For the only dryer you'll ever need, invest in a Tsunami Ultra Series Dryer.

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Keep it Rolling

Get clean, dry air anywhere with the Tsunami Rove. Desinged to give users ultimate mobility, this dryer provdies Tsunami's world class air quality in a portable package.

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